The Striders - Hidden Slovenia 2017

One woman, two dogs, one cat, one horse across Slovenia

I had dreamt it. Then forgot about it as it seems to complicated. Then the idea came back. Doubts. Uncertainty. And finally, one day, it was obvious:
Nyx and Milwyn helping me with packing
I am going to Slovenia and take Ola, Sparta, Nyx and Milwyn along. No matter what it takes in term of organisation, logisitics, paper work, going over my own fears and limits. I can do it. We can all do it.

And as per magic, all of a sudden I found people to help me with the preparation, places to stay with Ola, contacts in the country. My Slovenian friend Renata has been my greatest support all the way and really help this crazy idea to become reality!

Tack pack, a great solution for the gear

Van modified thanks to Marc!
The plan? Pretty easy. I'd love to visit and discover the beautiful Slovenia from a different perspective. Being alone with the four animals won't be an all-easy-peasy trip. They have different needs, ways of being and moving, so I will have to deal with these traits to make the most of the trip while respecting them and making sure they always are nice and relax.
But it will also enable me to a different approach of travelling. When travelling with animals, it opens up doors and contact with locals is often even easier.
Milwyn training with Sparta and Nyx
What's expecting us? Rough nature, great outdoors, the Julian Alps, huge forests and beautiful lakes, a preserved countryside, the Soca river, scenic villages and picturesque landscapes.

Milwyn ready to go!
This trip will be different from my previous expedition. Yet for me it means a lot as I am clearly out of my comfort zone in many ways. But I feel strongly called to go and do it. So let's wait and see. Keep you posted 😉

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