31 August

WE'VE MADE IT!!!!!! Reached Kvikkjokk this morning, after enjoying a last bivouac in the woods and taking our time to finish the last 12k. It feels so good to be here!!! I am really proud of my dogs, proper Striders! And even though we couldn't do the entire Nordkalottleden, we still walked a fair distance in all kind of conditions: 650km! And all 3 fine, in a good mood, yet a bit tired I must say
The last days were quite different from the rest: very wet, colder - we had to stop for half a day in Aktse due to the bad weather. We walked a lot, took twice the boat and also rowed across one of the lakes!, met some crazy people out there, had some good laughs with a funnny bunch of German, Aussie and Belgium in Aktse. And went up to Skierfe, one of the most remarquable view in Sweden.

Reviewed by Rachel F B on September 04, 2015 Rating: 5

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  1. Congratualations

    We met you in Gaskas

    Ingalill and Magnus


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