Wednesday 26
The Striders are in Ritsem! We got here last night after more than 40k of mountain paths and road. And we've now done some 550k!!
From Abisko we were for some 45k along the famous Kungsleden - so busy! A shock after days alone on the trails! Then we were back in wilderness and bare mountains. Weather still beautiful, hot and sunny - we're so lucky
Today we're crossing to Vaisaluokta and head on the Padjelantaleden for a while. Sparta and Nyx are really impressive by their vitality and motivation to go, they really got it now, have their little habits during the day, rest when we stop, then Sparta walks ahead and Nyx stays behind me. Love it to be out there with them!
It's the last part. Next Monday or Tuesday we'll reach Kvikkjokk and the end of three fantastic weeks of Hiking for the Arctic... But for now, let's enjoy the trail!

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