The Striders – Rovaniemi, last stop

Saturday 08.08. We arrived in Rovaniemi last night after having spent three days driving through Finland, kilometres of woodlands and countless lakes and rivers.

Seen in Ranua zoo

2 days in the same place seems like a luxury! It’s nice to stop here to do the final check, a few last buys, and pack. I really like this city and on my fourth time here feel a bit at home! It's great to be here with my beloved ones! 
Even though Kamil very kindly offered us to stay at his place, we opted for the campsite, more convenient to accommodate the Striders’ team not that clean after 10 days on the road! 

Tonight everything is ready for tomorrow’s departure: backpack packed with:

6 days food for us 3, some spare and warm clothes, a Gore-tex jacket, a poncho, 2 pairs of socks, gloves and buff, tent, sleeping-bag, a light mat, some toiletries and first aid kit, insect-repellent roll-on (!), thermos, a tiny pot, a spork, a foldable plate, fuel and stove, a pair of running shoes, plastic bags to cross rivers, the maps for the first stretch and compass, a tiny headlamp, a rescue blanket, a compact signal launcher,  the InReach, GoPro, solar panel and an external battery, some change, credit card and ID documents. And of course my Swiss Army knife (but the light version!). All of it kept to the minimum possible without depriving our safety. 

We had fine weather all the way up, and the only rain we got was on Friday night and early this morning. I know the summer has been terrible up here till now, so let’s hope we brought some of the heatwave with us! All I ask is dry weather J. I also know that some of the segments of the trail, especially in the first part, can be quite dangerous if the water level is too high and am ready to have to change my route if need be. So now…let’s wait and see!

Tomorrow bus to Hetta/Enontekkio. Then I just had the great news that we’ll get a lift to Kautokeino, thanks to Jip, a Dutch guy who works and lives there. And on Monday… we’ll be there for good! At last!! I must say… I am getting nervous… but so looking forward to this great time out on the trail with the dogs!

Keep you posted J
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