After 5.5 days and some 200k, the Striders arrived in Kilpisjarvi this afternoon.
This first stage, leaving from Kautokeino/NO, was pretty tough, with very wet portions on the first days, and then many stones fields and very rocky paths. The scenery is amazing and very varied, from lush forests, bogs and canyons to dry mountainous landscapes and blue lakes. 
All three Striders are doing fine: the dogs are truly amazing!  doing all this distance plenty of energy, chasing lemmings when free, spotting reindeers when on the leash. Rachel is feeling good and strong; only some nasty blisters hindered her pace over the past 2 days. But that'll be healed soon!!
Tomorrow they set of for the next bit, heading towards Abisko/SE. Keep you posted!

Reviewed by Rachel F B on August 15, 2015 Rating: 5

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