Busy time for the Striders

Days have been frantic lately for us! Interviews (!), meetings with partners and people interested in this crazy project, finding the right equipment, figuring out which camera, solar charger and external battery is more appropriate, getting information on sat phones and other tracking systems, planning the journey out and back and last but not least ordering and packing my food and Sparta and Nyx's in portions.
A whole pallet for the dogs!

Pro Plan to keep Sparta and Nyx going!

And in the middle of all this, early morning runs or late training sessions when the temperature outside is still more bearable, especially for the dogs.

My breakfast and some of the snacks for three weeks
 Gosh! I seriously look forward to being on the trail and having "only" to walk, walk, run, eat, rest, and sleep!

In time like this, I keep reminding myself that I am doing all this for the fun and challenge, and that nothing should be a struggle. So from time to time I stop, take a few deep breaths and relax a bit. There is no point in getting all stressed out. I won't be more efficient and it is no good for no one: Sparta makes it very clear that she hates it when I am all over the place! And Nyx and Muf get under my feet making my moves pretty tricky...
A nice article on the Striders :)

My new toy! to bring nice pictures back :)
That's why I decided to post...short posts. To keep you updated while keeping it fun and light for me :-)

Next one on food!
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