The Striders - Photo shoot experience

Backstage by Simona
Last Wednesday, Sparta, Nyx and I had an amazing and pretty unusual experience for Striders like us: a whole-day photo shoot with Alan, Simona and Alberto from Ander Group, a design consultancy based in Lugano, Geneva and Lausanne.

The photos are meant for the next edition of the beautiful online magazine Wanderful. Yes, indeed! The Striders will have their whole edition! A fantastic way to talk about the project and have more people follow us on our journey for the Arctic!!

Backstage by Simona
It's been a beautiful day. The very hot weather conditions (30°C +!! ) made it a bit difficult for Sparta and Nyx especially in the afternoon but we tried to stay as much in the shade as possible.We made sure they stayed nice and cool. They really did great! I suspect they mainly enjoyed getting more-than-usual treats for their amazing behaviour..! Even Mufasa and Ola were part of the game. I was really happy and proud of my four-legged team. I felt pretty good yet totally awkward and not in my element... The whole shooting team was lovely and very supportive, which made it a pleasure to work with them despite us not being used to that kind of attention!
In and around the house, in the woods, at the stables, walking up and down, sitting, standing...
Well let me tell you: once they all left, the Striders were all too pleased to take a nap! :-)
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