How huskies completely changed my life (and beyond)

Talking About Change!

How it started

In February 2021, my husband and I decided to adopt 6 Alaskan huskies to be rehomed through our Association for the Huskies. We already had adopted Bobby and Quint, also rehomed Alaskan-Siberian Huskies, as our own dogs. I tell the story about these 6 dogs here. They are officially owned by the Association, but we are the ones taking care of them daily.

Fast forward a year later and 2 other rehomed huskies, Oak and Hazel, have joined the team, making a total of 11 dogs, Sparta included, in our pack. Over that year, I have also kept on with the rehoming project, which means that some dogs came and stayed at our place before moving on to their new home. So indeed, dogs have become a predominant part of my life - and thus of my family’s life.

Rock my World!

I wasn’t a musher at all. In 2020, I barely knew anything about huskies and mushing. I was doing lots of different outdoor activities with Sparta, Nyx and earlier Mufasa. But I was totally foreign to the mushing and sled dogs world. So talk about change! It was literally a 180 turn… or maybe it was simply the next turn meant for us to take…

But yes, it rocked my world. Our world. As an adventurer, my life was already nothing like the “classic” one. My career or job isn’t one I can sum up with one word, and it was already confusing people a lot! It’s not the most linear, easiest one, nor the safest. It looks more like a roller-coaster, made of super highs and super lows…Well, it’s an Adventure in itself! So definitely the best career for me :-) And I’ve chosen it, you must think. Yes, I agree. I chose it. Or rather, I kind of chose it…but that’s another story!

Now let’s add some 10 dogs to the mix…and imagine the results…
Oh boy! It involved so many changes, pushed us to make up new plans, adjust, find solutions - some worked, some didn’t, and we are still in the process of finding the best solution now for our tribe and new life. From the house and country we live in, the daily organisation to the best way possible of making a decent living to provide for our lifestyle… So many questions. So many parameters to consider. Don’t get me wrong: we knew it. It was clear that it would cause a HUGE change.

And yet, the calling was so strong. We’ve questioned and doubted ourselves about tons of things over the last year (and before already…so that doesn’t really change in a way!). But never ever have we regretted adopting and taking care of this jumpy, noisy, joyful bunch. They were meant to be in our life.

How does life look like with 11 dogs, a cat and a horse?

Quite active! When you take care of animals, and want to make sure they all get the attention the deserve and exercise they need, days are pretty busy, to say the least. Not many lazy days unfortunately. But I feel that what is the most draining is that we are split between two places, two countries, two lifestyles and three businesses. We will never be 100% mushers. This isn’t us. We are outdoorsy people, animal lovers and travel freaks. Our next challenge is to figure out the best way to live our love for animals and our passion for adventures and travels. Because Adventurers are not meant to stay still in one spot.

Over the past 10 years, we’ve been traveling with Ola (the horse), Sparta, Nyx (the twin doggies) and Milwyn (the kitty) pretty easily. The 10 new doggies are becoming fine travelers and have already made twice the trip between Switzerland-Finland…So, it is only a matter of combining it all together, isn’t it?

To be followed…

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