Traveling in times of pandemic? The Striders did it again!

Back to Finland 😍

We did it again ! 

Yes. Indeed. Another trip north with the Toyota Land Cruiser, the horse trailer, Ola and Bobby, my re-homed husky.

Yes, we did it again. 3’000km. But this time, I travelled alone. And that was a major challenge for me. I had so many doubts and apprehension…

  • Am I able to drive such a long distance with the trailer, alone, with a horse and a dog to take care of?
  • And in “corona times”… How is it going to be with the controls at the border?
  • What about the covid situation, practically speaking when driving through all these different countries? Will I find stables for Ola every night or not at all?
  • What about the road conditions in mid November? Will there be snow? Will I need to change to stud tyres in the middle of my trip north?

Why did I have to travel alone? Well, things happened pretty quickly and not really as planned. So my hubby was too busy with work in Switzerland, the timing was just really bad and he couldn't make it. As I'm stubborn, I decided that it simply meant I could do it!

Initially, I was going to work as a freelance wilderness guide in Rovaniemi/Finland. Plan that was cut short in early October, obviously due to the overall situation…

But I still knew somehow that I will spend the winter season there. I just didn’t know how it will happen…

So, for a while, I just gave up on the idea and was trying to find a way to get Quint, Bobby’s brother, to fly over to Switzerland. I had promise to adopt him when I would come back… As I couldn’t right now, I still wanted to keep my word.

Sometime later, I was offered to work as a volunteer for the husky kennel where I had adopted Bobby. So, if I stayed there, I could both help them out and take care of Quint!

It meant I could travel without problem to Finland and do a job that I dream of trying! Isn’t that an amazing dream come true?! Pure Magic Manifestation!

Planning - Packing and Go!

Life happened at a frantic pace during the few weeks before my departure! As I had decided to launch a new online course, I was working full time to get it rock and rolling! In these gloomy times, I wanted to create a course that would help people feel better and more empowered, so I simply couldn’t let this project down.

I also had to plan the trip, gather information regarding the corona situation, do all the admin work and of course close any unfinished business at home… To give you an idea, I started with packing three days before hitting the road...!

But we made it! Marc helped me with the car and trailer, so once again I knew I was totally in good hands with my Toy.

And then.. it was time to go. With doubts and anxiety. But anyway, I just wanted to go!

Traveling in times of pandemic

Did you ever had this strong call or feeling inside you that, however scary or impossible something seems to be, you know that you can do it? Even against everybody’s opinion? That’s how I felt when I left.

I knew many were worrying for me. I was tempted to doubt my ability to do it. Marc didn’t. He always believes in me. And somehow it helped me overcome my doubts or even guilt to take my horse on another long trip.

And so we left.

I won’t go in details about all the trip. Too long. So much to say! To keep it short, here’s how it went:

The trip? Incredibly well.

The borders? Amazingly easy.

Bobby and Ola? These ones are made to travel

The road? Weird and empty!
a floating feeling of apocalypse… It was a relief to arrive in Sweden!

I found places to stay overnight for Ola nearly every night, except for two. Once was in Germany and one in northern Sweden. Actually I had kind of planned to spend these two outside, as it was hard to plan the mileage in advance for these two stages. 

For these two nights outdoor we camped in perfect spots! Ola seems to have really understood how things works and she’s happy as long as she can get enough attention and exercise at the end of the day. At the camp, only a simple rope around a few poles is enough to make a paddock for her to walk free.

She travels so easily! And loads in the trailer no problem, on her own, except when she prefers to sleep outside. She knows the routine.

Bobby can be a bit more stressed out on the motorway, so I try to avoid taking him for walks if there’s too much traffic around. Otherwise, he’s a dream dog in every way!

The weather was fine. Not too cold. Only one day of rain and bad, exhausting road conditions. For November, it’s more than awesome!

Hospitality and friendship

I must admit I’m so lucky to have met such lovely people during my previous trips. Once again, two of these places I went last year welcomed me and my tribe. And a third one, that was full and couldn’t take us this time, found another great place for us to stay overnight. What else can I say? Isn’t that amazing? There are really great people out there even in times of pandemic!

Maybe it’s purely because of the chocolate boxes and Christmas biscuits I brought… lol


Rovaniemi, here we are again!


It took me 7 days with a two nights stop to get to Rovaniemi. Not even 6 months after I left, here am I again!

I took the covid test right at the border and a few hours later I already had the results! Negative. 💪🙏

Ola was happy to have arrived and seemed to have recognised a horse she was with last season.

It took Bobby and his brother Quint about 10 minutes to be friends again, after having been for more than 6 months.

I made it. I drove all the way. I overcome my fears once again.

I am back. 
Back and ready to write another chapter of my Life in Finland. 
 This is another story… 
To be followed…

Version française tout tout bientôt!!!

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