The Nordkalottleden Trail

The entire Nordkalottleden Trail is 800 km long and runs through Norway (380 km), Sweden (350 km) and northern Finland (70 km).
It is the most northerly long distance trail in Europe, entirely above the Arctic circle.

There are 3 starting/end points for this trail, located in Kautokeino -northern Norway, in Sulitjelma - southern Norway and in Kvikkjokk, Sweden. I will walk from Kautokeino down to Kvikkjokk (blue and yellow trails on the above map). 

This trail is little known compared to its Swedish counterpart, the Kungsleden. That's why I have chosen it!
It is considered as a demanding, even challenging trail, set mostly in remote wilderness.
The trail offers versatile northern fell landscape. It passes through easy to travel fell highlands, lush birch forests, glaciers and steep sided gorges. There are many parts with abundant fell vegetation.

The best time to hike there is from the beginning of July to the middle of September. My expedition will take place over August and September.

The History of the Nordkalottleden - Arctic Trail

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