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Hiking for the Arctic - August 2015

 This expedition would not be possible without generous and dedicated supporters and sponsors. I have been extremely lucky to meet some amazing and enthusiastic people who believe in my project and are willing to follow me and the dogs in this great adventure. This page is dedicated to them and I wish to thank them all warmly for their unfailing support.


Purina - Your Pet. Our Passion

Sparta, Nyx and Muf have always been very active dogs and we really wanted to keep them as fit and healthy as possible to take them everywhere with us as long as possible. At first, when a friend of mine told me that there was a real difference between the different types of dog food on the market, I must say I was skeptical. But as I wasn't so happy with what we were feeding them, we gave it a try and started feeding them with Pro Plan Performance (now OptiPower), Adult Digestion, Original (Optihealth) (depending on the activity) and Senior (now Optiage) (for Muf obviously). And well, actually, it really made a difference! Nyx who always looked skinny with a somewhat dull coat quickly looked much fitter with a shiny black coat. Sparta got more lively and playful than ever. And Mufasa, 11 at that time, regained some strength in his back legs and overall flexibility, managing to do some spectacular run away...! That was 3 years ago. I am amazed by how fit Sparta and Nyx are, always happy and willing to go and never ever sick or injured; Muf now 14 still impresses me, with his crazy and playful moments, running all over the place in full throttle!
So when I started planning this expedition, wanting the best and most reliable food for my dogs, I naturally contacted Purina ProPlan Switzerland: a product that I have known and tested over a long period of time, that suited both Sparta and Nyx and that was also perfectly adapted to the long and repeated effort I will ask from them.
The Purina team is so supportive and enthusiastic about our story that I am really happy to be their ambassador on this Scandinavian adventure! Their advice on dogs' health and diet are also greatly appreciated.

For more information on the brand and products:
Purina Suisse
Purina Pro Plan Suisse


Performance Dog Gear

When Sparta and Nyx were 1 year old, we started looking for some harnesses for them. It is more convenient in many ways: more comfort for the dog during long walks on the leash, more safety when hiking on mountain paths or climbing steep slopes, and when combined with a human hipbelt, very practical to go out for a run or on a ski tour, leaving our hands free. That's how we discovered Ruffwear and bought the Omnijore harnesses, towlines and hipbelts.
It's now been three years that we are using them nearly every day, either to go running, riding or walking. These harnesses are so resistant! Not a single scratch and I can tell you that neither Sparta nor Nyx are being easy with them!
So again, I naturally turned to Ruffwear when I started looking for specific equipment for the Nordkalottleden. Now my four-legged Striders are fully equipped, all in bright red color: Palisades packs, Sun Shower coats, Grip Trex boots, and brand-new Ridgeline leashes, better adapted to this expedition. Ready and proud to be Ruffwear Ambassador in the Reindeer Kingdom!

For more information on the brand and products:

When I first started planning for this expedition, I knew logistics would be one of the toughest aspect. And when it concretely came to organising the shipping and delivery of my four supply boxes, I immediately felt I couldn't deal with it all by myself. So I contacted Jetivia SA, a logistics company with which we work all year round on a regular basis. I know how they work. They are efficient, skilled and reliable. Everything I needed to make sure my boxes would be in the most remote places on time! I now am truly confident my Striders will undoubtedly have their food when needed :-) I am very pleased by Jetivia support to my Hiking for the Arctic adventure and would like to address a special thank you to Olivier Jimenez, my contact there, to the director Urs Brunschweiler and to all Sparta and Nyx supporters among the team!

Welcome to Véronique's Tournesol natural shop, a healthy food and local products galore! If you live around Lake Geneva and care about high quality products, it is definitely a place to know: organic and local vegetables and fruits, fresh products, natural food supplements, natural beauty products... I love the place, its atmosphere, its amazing health treasures and on top of that, the whole team is so friendly! I am truly happy to be supported by Véronique and her team and will make the most of the food provided!

Individual supporters

Olivier et Anne-Pierrette Dénéréaz 

This comment is in French as I want Olivier and Anne-Pierrette to be able to understand if they (ever!) want to read it!

Des gens merveilleux et généreux! Discrets aussi. Mais j'avais envie de les remercier tout spécialement, sur ce blog, car ils m'ont soutenue dès le début de mes aventures, et m'ont permis d'assurer les premiers pas de cette nouvelle expédition en Arctique. Un très grand merci à vous deux et je suis vraiment très heureuse de vous compter parmi mes amis! Longue vie à Oucho et au nouvel Hilux ;-)

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