On my way to Rovaniemi 300!

Exciting to share my new challenge!! 

In February 2015, I took part in the #Rovaniemi150, a winter arctic race in Finnish Lapland and raised funds for a park for rescued animals called La Garenne. It was one of the toughest race I've ever done, but also one of the best and most exhilarating! I really had so much fun! So.. when one, then a second and finally a third person asked me if I was coming along for the 2017 edition, I couldn't resist and eventually signed up for a second time on that race 😉 But those who know me a bit know I am really bad at doing twice the same thing...! So even if it seems insane, I am exciting to tell you that I am taking part in the Rovaniemi 300 - that is 308k! Yes!! Going back to the North! And I am really looking forward to it!

You all are my greatest support!

 And actually if I'm sharing this today with you, is because I know I cannot succeed in such a great challenge without YOUR support: my closed ones: husband, dogs, family, friends, AND all the readers and followers, are my reason to keep going, make it, despite all the rough bits and hard moments.When I'm taking part in what are for me big challenges, I get a lot of energy suuport and motivation from all the people that are encouraging me, supporting via the social media or just by thinking about me from time to time. It is really amazing! and such a powerful feeling and experience to live.

So I am really looking forward to doing this, because it will be so much fun! And I sincerely hope that those of you who will follow me and all the other participants in the different Rovaniemi Races, will have as much fun as we have, that it will fill you up with energy and confidence that you also can achieve great things and live your own dream, that you will feel empowered and believing in you own ability to do things that you feel attracted to do!

There are no path to success, success is the path

A touch of philosophical humor here...! But indeed, I have no idea whether I will succeed or not, whether I will make it to the finish line within the time limit. There are so many factors that are coming into play over 300k. I know the race is tough, the guys who finished it are great athletes and inspiring people. I won't have my Sparta and Nyx to cheer me up... But I already consider it a huge success: I am having a lot of fun getting ready for it: training with my dogs in all kind of weather, making new contacts and renewing older friendships, checking and learning about the latest "cold weather" innovations, etc.. And I'm terribly proud to have overcome my own fear of failure that was preventing me from entering the competition...😀

 Running for happiness

If this time, I do not raise funds or run for a particular cause, if I've entered the Rovaniemi300 mainly as a challenge between me, myself and I, I am however running it with a special intention: I dedicate this race to my fantastic Godmother and aunt who is also facing a tremendous challenge, to support her and give her hope and confidence in her ability to overcome it. It is a run for fun, happiness and hope in a world that needs it! Nevermind if it doesn't raise as much money as fights again this or that plague. I can't wait to be part of the light in the dark! So, to all of you, I am counting on your support starting on Feb 18th! and over the 5 days of the race and my success will be yours, for the best!

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