Saturday 22.08
Hello everyone! News from the Nordkalottleden! Here we are in Abisko after more than 400k!! We arrived yesterday afternoon and my friend Ziss Stålhandske picked us up just out of town. How nice to have a home, a nice bed and a lovely evening with friends after 12 days on the trails. Sparta & Nyx are resting, enjoying lying on the carpets!
We had 6 fantastic days out there, lots of kilometers and long hours, bare mountains, rocky forests and many rivers crossings, sometimes even bridges, a luxury! We met some amazing people in the most remote places and I can't thank Jodun and her friend enough for saving my feet in Dividalshytta!
Today I am cleaning, refreshing and refilling what needs to be. We need to be fully ready for the second half of this extraordinary trip. Departure at 4.30pm for a short 15k-walk.
We did very well up to here and I've decided to do a bit less mileage for the next 11 days for the dogs to recover better from the daily stage. Next target: Ritsem/SE! And arrival planned for 31st Aug or 1st Sept in Kvikkjokk 😀 Keep u posted! Take care

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  1. You in Gaskass

    Magnus and Ingalill

    1. Hello! Great! Thank you for the picture J
      I am just back from Scandinavia; it's been an incredible adventure! I will catch up with writing on the blog and will definitely take a look at yours. How was your hike? Did you have a good time and fine weather?



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