The Striders - Update on logistics and preparation

It is getting close now! 7 days to departure from Switzerland. 16 days to D-Day.... SO exciting!

So what have we been up to lately? Here's an update on preparation and logistics.

Last full-size training

The current heatwave makes it hard to train properly. Very early morning sessions is all I have been doing for the past three weeks. Even in the evening it's been still too hot for Sparta and Nyx to go for any serious run. And too many things on my plate to take time off to go in high altitude (2'500m and above..) where it's been slightly cooler. But it's all right, I have decided to relax as I know we have done a lot in the past months and are fully ready.
Last Sunday however we went for a final live test of our fully-loaded packs to check the last details. Weight of my pack: 18.5kg. A few more things to add at the last minute and it will be close to 20kg... Geez! I truly tried to pack the minimum of everything non-vital but the weight is there. And it is mainly due to... food. I will go in details on my pack in the future post. With some last adjustments were needed on my bag to make it as comfortable as possible. I mainly feel the weight on my shoulders and had to add some padding to the straps to make more comfortable.

The dogs have 2-kg in the Ruffwear backpack and seem really easy about it. I have managed to adjust Nyx's harness a bit to fit better as she has a pretty narrow shape. They now are both really excited every time we put them those packs on. That's really really good!

This final test gave me confidence in our equipment and preparation. Ready for the final stretch!!

 Logistics - resupply boxes

For the past days, I have mainly worked on my supply boxes that had to be ready for shipping by the end of this week. A few weeks ago, I finally decided to contact a logistics company with which we are working on a regular basis to assist me regarding shipping and delivery, Jetivia SA. I know from experience the Geneva-based company to be efficient and reliable and I really wanted to have complete trust in the taking over of my parcels. I mean, these 4 boxes contains all the food me and the dogs will need to accomplish our 800k! And I cannot tell you
enough how food is important in such a situation...! Olivier Jimenez, my contact there, took care of everything. He found out the best way for the parcels to be delivered on time - but not too early neither - in the four different locations: Kilpisjärvi/FI, Abisko/SE, Ritsem/SE and Kvikkjokk/SE. The boxes weight between 5 and 10kg each, with less food and some spare clothes in Abisko, 7-days food in Ritsem (heavier box) and dog food and spare clothes in Kvikkjokk, arrival.

Jetivia made me a great surprise today when I went to hand them over my four boxes: Olivier told me they would be pleased to sponsor me and cover for the all costs related to the shipping and delivery :-). They said that such an unusual adventure was really worth supporting.
I cannot express enough how happy and grateful I was (and still am) by the unexpected and most welcome news!! It is amazing the support that this expedition is getting. I would never have suspected it! And I am
very pleased :-) It all gives me even more motivation to make this adventure for the Arctic an extraodinary one and a full success.

So now the boxes are gone. The packs have been finalised. Indeed, it is really getting close...!

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