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A post dedicated to food. As there is no expedition without food! And it represents a very large part of the overall load I will carry.

Some figures

For Rachel - calculated on a 25 days basis
50 dehydrated main meals (100-250gr each)
25 home-made breakfasts (180 gr)
50 energetic bars
4 dark chocolate tablets

For Sparta & Nyx - calculated for 30 days

120 portions of 150gr Purina ProPlan Performance
10 packs of Purina snacks
Magnesium supplements

30 days as it includes the hike and part of the return journey



Rachel's meals composition

I try to give my body the best food I can to get all the necessary nutrients it needs to be fit and healthy. I am pretty picky on meals composition and always look carefully at what they contain. My main "enemy" is weight. And as I need sufficient calories, I have to get lightweight meals and snacks providing greater nutrient concentration.

For the main meals, I decided to go for lyophilised meals ordered on, a great platform where you can find nearly all the brands that exist when it comes to expedition and survival food. I definitely find it the most convenient solution. I have however tried to choose the best meals according to my standards: no or very little refined sugar, no artificial additives, organic food when I could, no soy, and as little as possible of hydrogenated fat. I also varied the carbohydrates to get a good balance of each: rice, potatoes, pasta sometimes, lentils.
I am convinced that there is a way to improve even further expedition food to meet vegetarian, vegan or no-sugar diets. If anyone is interested in developing them, let me know: I'll be happy to test them for you!

Now regarding breakfast.
I couldn't find any on the market that suited me. So I am now used to prepare my own and vaacum package them to gain space. My breakfasts are made of some oat flakes, some tigernut braksfast porridge, chia seeds, maca, hemp proteins and a mix of vegetable-based proteins, raw cacao powder, and goji berries in portions of 180 gr. I buy these products in a well-stocked independant natural food and products shop in Rolle, Epicerie Tournesol. Véronique Rosset and her friendly team are always of great advice when it comes to healthy food. As a luxury: Véronique gave me organic coffee samples; a treat for Sunday mornings :-).

Bars and snacks.
I have discovered great bars made by Lifefood, a raw food company based in the UK.
For this trip, my 50 bars have been offered by the natural food shop Tournesol! There are all entirely natural with no artificial additives, no added sugar; most combine "superfoods", such as spirulina, maca or chia seeds, with "brainfood" (nuts and fruits). I like bars that taste great, give me the boost I need, make no compromise on quality and are light to carry. 
As I can't help it, I've taken dark chocolate tablets with me. Can't imagine it without my daily chocolate bite!

If the countless lakes and rivers in Northern Scandinavia promise me some "itchy" company (mosquitoes...) they also provide me with one of the most important natural resources: water! This means a lot: I won't need to carry extra water for the dogs and will find plenty for myself as well.

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