The Striders - Dogs packs. First test.

Two days ago, Sparta and Nyx received a big parcel full of equipment just for them! Harnesses and packs, boots, brand new leashes and lovely rain coats. All in bright red color! It seems our sponsors have agreed on the color ;-)
We now have a few weeks to get the dogs accustomed to their new gear. And as always with pets: be gentle, no rush, keep it fun!

First test - The Palisades Packs

For this morning run, I fitted the harnesses and the packs on Nyx and Sparta. The plan was to go for an easy 1-hour run and get them used to the size and movement of the packs.
I actually find these harnesses more handy, easier to fit in than the older ones I have. They fit both Sparta and Nyx perfectly! First good news :-). It is cleverly done: the pack is clipped on the harness and can be easily removed.

They both looked a bit awkward at first, bumping into the walls, wider than usual when passing the doorways. Once in the garden, it got a lot easier. More space to move around. But still, the move and noise made by the pack on their shoulders seemed to impress them. Let's distract them! We set off - dogs on the leash - for our morning run. I had to stop once to fix the packs tighter on their shoulders as they were bouncing side to side. And then, off we go. Sparta and Nyx seemed to adapt pretty well and not to be that much bothered by the added weight. I didn't loaded the packs on that first trial run as they were already fairly heavier than what they were used to.

They ran part on the leash and part free, so they could play and wander as it pleased them, making sure they would not connect wearing the pack with some unpleasant experience or burden!

Once home we played in the garden for a while: They rolled and rested  in the grass, joyful as usual. A successful first!

The Striders - Dogs packs. First test. The Striders - Dogs packs. First test. Reviewed by Rachel F B on June 09, 2015 Rating: 5

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